Bass, Mitchell Endorse Thomas Small


March 24, 2016

Thomas Small

Thomas Small has received the endorsements of Congresswoman Karen Bass and State Sen. Holly J. Mitchell in his bid for a seat on the Culver City City Council.

The election will take place on Tuesday, April 12.

"Our community is doubly blessed to be represented by Congresswoman Bass and Senator Mitchell. Each is an exemplary leader," Thomas Small said. "And therefore I am particularly proud they have endorsed me.

Thomas Small, a Culver City Cultural Affairs Commissioner, is an expert in architecture, urban and sustainable design, planning, development and historic preservation. He is an architectural writer and consultant, and a Yale graduate.

"I'm passionate about improving life for our residents, our business owners and those employed here," Small said. "

"Many of the issues our city addresses-traffic, transportation, airplane noise, affordable housing, development, energy, water, fracking, sustainability, homelessness, safety, water conservation and others-are also regional issues.

"Often, the key to improving life for Culver City residents is in working toward common goals with regional partners. I look forward to collaborating with our Congresswoman and our State Senator, as well as with my fellow city councilpersons, so that we can reach solutions and Culver City thrives.

"People are understandably nervous about the additional traffic that the 10 new developments in and near Culver City will bring. Part of the answer is to make it easy for people to use alternative transportation. Each development project must have a plan to mitigate traffic and parking concerns.

" I recommend ridesharing and other transit programs not only for those traveling from outside Culver City, but also for our own residents. The Expo Line, for example, is enormously valuable, but when our residents drive their cars to and from the station, they add to the traffic congestion. Let's make it easy for all of us to travel those one, two or three miles to the station."

To read Thomas Small's open letter to the Quiet Skies Community regarding jet plane over flights, visit

For more information about Thomas Small city council campaign, visit


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