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A Consolation Prize For Laker Fans


March 10, 2016

The best show in town was Sunday at Staples Center when the unbeatable Golden State Warriors

lost to our Lakers, who have the worst record in the Western Division, 102-95.

The Lakers led all the way and viewers on national television must have been wondering how this could happen.

My answer is mind over matter. Their spirit was so strong that it overcame the gap between the teams.

It was a joy to see Laker fans who have suffered through a difficult season remain loyal with their cheers. Even the great Jack Nicholson, who hasn’t attended many games this season, was there to share the joy.

And you know what? The fans deserved the reward even if was just a consolation prize to them after they’ve watched so many defeats.

Southern California TV and radio personality Vic (the brick) Jacobs, who had a press box seat next to Mitch Chortkoff and me, felt from the very beginning of the game that the Lakers would win.

“I feel that winner vibe,” he said. “There’s something in the air today.”’

If you ask me, I would explain in two words --miracles happen.


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