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"Let's Not Lose The Sight Of What's Important"

NBA Family Deals with the Death of a Coach's Wife


February 25, 2016

As an Israeli citizen we unfortunately face a loss of loved ones on a regular basis.

In my last visit to my country I experienced it personally when my precious 19-year-old cousin was stabbed in his kidney and carotid artery and died a few hours later.

The grief, darkness and rage that controls your mind and spirit is unspeakable. In time it doesn't heal. The wound is still open.

Hearing the phenomenal mindful words of Coach Monte Williams about the unexpected loss of his wife in an automobile accident in Oklahoma last week was so inspirational that it blew my mind.

"During tough times like this It's easy to forget that God loves us and God is good," he said at the memorial service.

"We can't lose sight of the fact that God loves us. And I'm trying to exhibit that on a daily basis.

"God causes all things to work out. You can't quit. You can't give in and lose faith. This is exactly the moment to believe that it will all work out."

Monte's wife, Ingrid, was 44 and the mother of their five children.

"Everyone is praying for me and my family but let us not forget there are two more people in this situation and that family needs prayer as well. And we have no ill will toward that family."

Although the Clippers and San Antonio Spurs were going to play a game against each other that night in Staples Center Doc Rivers, Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul, Austin Rivers, Tim Duncan and David West flew to Oklahoma. Players and coaches from rival teams going there to offer their support for a well-respected coach and his family.

The bonding of these people illustrates their value of love, respect, compassion and support that It's essential to incorporate in our life.

It also underscores the brotherhood of man which is beyond any sense of competition. For me, Doc, Popovich and the players are great leaders and role models of loyalty and truth. .

Out of all the things that will happen during this NBA season let's not lose sight of what's important.

Success is not about winning. It's about being a real human being that comes from love.


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