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Culver Youngster Witnesses Obama's Local Visit

My Visit With Air Force One


February 25, 2016

On Friday the 12th, I had a very special adventure with my dad. Me and my dad went to LAX airport to see President Obama and his jet, Air Force One. We went with a group called Kid Scoop Media.

We had to wait for a long time. While we waited we met two bomb-sniffing dogs, Officer Jerry and Officer Nori. We also met the President's secret service limo driver. He showed us the inside of the bullet-proof limousine. Even the window glass is bullet proof!

Finally, five helicopters flew in and landed right next to Air Force One. In the last helicopter was the President. As he walked from his helicopter, Marine One, to Air Force One he waved to us. When he got to the top of the stairs we waved again. They closed the plane door. The jet engines started up and the plane turned around and headed towards the runway and prepare for take off.

After Air Force One took off the helicopters and Osprey helicopters took off too. It was loud and awesome.

Editor's Note: Sawyer attends Farragut Elementary School in Culver City.


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