A Very Bad Day For Cam Newton


February 11, 2016

Right after the Carolina Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 last Sunday the quarterbacks met on the field.

“I know how hard this is,” Payton Manning told Cam Newton. “I’ve been the losing quarterback in a Super Bowl.”

Manning said something else about fulfilling obligations after the game before a large group of media members.

Newton didn’t get the message.

He was asked 16 questions while on stage for a session that would be seen all over the world. He gave six questions a one word answer. He ignored three others. Then he left.

What’s really bad about this is the fact Newton frequently rubbed it in to losing opponents during the Panthers’ 17-1 season.

He believed that he was paid only to win football games and that’s all. He ignored criticism about being a bad sport. Perhaps he was living a dream.

But it caught up to him last Sunday and now he’ll have an image to live down.

There couldn’t be a larger gap between the two quarterbacks. Manning is classy, answering questions from the media, sharing thoughts win or lose. Newton is the opposite.

It’s not hard to figure out why. Manning is much older, much more experienced. Newton is young and as a former Heisman Trophy winner and an instant NFL star he hasn’t known much failure.

He had never lost on a stage where every moment matters, on and off the field.

Newton is a major talent, a splendid quarterback who should be proud of his accomplishments.

But I hope he eventually will realize there’s more to his job than that. What was he gaining by humiliating opponents?

I heard a guy on radio Monday ask listeners what a fig newton and a cam newton have in common.

Nobody had the answer so he supplied it.

“They both crumble under pressure,’ was his answer.

Too bad it’s come to this when a fabulous athlete who drew praise all long suddenly became the target of a bad joke.

Newton wasn’t alone in crumbling. His teammates simply were outplayed by the Broncos’ world class defense.

Denver was that good all season and it wasn’t a surprise when the Panthers became the latest victim.

The better team won. It was as simple as that.

I hope a more mature Cam Newton shows up for next season. But that may not happen. It could take a much longer time

Someday I hope he gets it.


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