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Are Rams Being Accepted In LA? I Think So


January 28, 2016

For at least 15 years I tried to ignore rumors about the National Football League coming back to Los Angeles.

We’re busy here at the Observer Newspapers. We don’t have time or newspaper space for rumors. With Culver City High sports coverage, the NBA, the Dodgers, UCLA and USC and a little hockey we’re not inclined to spread gossip about something that may or may not happen.

But last week something did happen. The Rams have left St. Louis. They’ll play the next two seasons in the Coliseum and then move into what appears to be a spectacular stadium in Inglewood where Hollywood Park used to be.

After waiting for 20 years for the NFL to come back here I think a lot of fans have starved for the NFL to reappear in the nation’s second largest city. I think they’ll be in the Coliseum in 2016 and even if the Rams don’t make the playoffs fans will keep coming back.

The Rams will bid for Super Bowls and I believe the NFL will grant them that reward for being back here.

So, don’t be surprised that me, a sports editor who kept rumors out of this newspaper for a long time, is having positive thoughts about the Rams’ return.

I’m impressed with the news that in the last week numerous fans have signed up for the opportunity to purchase 2016 season tickets. It’s a great start.

I’ve read columns by various journalists in the last week and found that my opinion isn’t unanimous.

Mark Whicker, one of the best respected sports columnists in the country, and a friend of mine for a long time, takes a less optimistic stance.

I was surprised at the tone of his column which cautioned fans not to celebrate too much.

But that’s what makes this business so great. Different opinions from different journalists.

Now we await the Chargers’ decision to stay in San Diego or join the Rams here in another year.

The issue there is a new stadium, something San Diego legislators have avoided for far too long. The Chargers have threatened to leave but haven’t followed through. Only now does the team get the upper hand.

The city better grant them a new stadium or the Chargers will probably join the Rams here.

Would LA fans support two NFL teams? That remains to be seen. It will be another topic to debate.

As the NFL goes through its current playoffs neither the Rams nor Chargers have qualified to participate.

Starting next season the absence of playoff games here would bother the fan base. I’m not disputing that fact. But I do think fans will give the team (or teams) a chance to earn their support.


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