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January 21, 2016

A big 21-gun salute to Herb and Diane Rosenberg, who reaffirmed their 50th anniversary vows on Saturday, January 9 at Temple Akiba. I first met Herb the night City Council appointed him to the Los Angeles International Airport Area Advisory Committee in the early ‘80s. If you have a good memory or if you are an old-timer, you will recall that City Hall met in trailers in the lot where the senior center is now located.

A law passed in Texas, set to take effect on August 1 on the 50th anniversary of the nation’s first mass campus shooting at the University of Texas at Austin, will allow students to carry concealed handguns on campus and in dorms. But, as the San Antonio Current noted, some state universities will still ban dormitory possession of NERF blasters and squirt guns because those things are dangerous.

Our Culver City council race is heating up with more than enough candidates to have two ballots. Theodorsia and I have reviewed Meghan Sahli-Wells’ record since being elected four years ago and we, like most citizens, are proud of her accomplishments. She deserves another four years. Also, Marcus Tiggs has all the qualifications to be on the council. Mr. Tiggs takes an approach that is both sensible and realistic for the economic future of the 40,000 residents. Please join with us, your neighbors and friends, and vote for Marcus and Meghan.

As a parent, are you looking for ways to broaden your child’s scope? Perhaps you should consider a one-hour drive to Moorpark where you can visit a working farm that offers pony rides, animal shows, picnic area and – a big plus – the opportunity to pick your own fruits and vegetables. Educational farm tours are available for schools and groups at Underwood Farms, 3370 Sunset Valley Road, Moorpark, open daily at 9:00 a.m. Call (805) 529-3690.

Just up U.S. 101 (Ventura Freeway) many have mentioned three places of interest: the Channel Islands Maritime Museum, (805) 984-6260; the Reyes Adobe, Agoura Hills, (805) 643-2504; the Adolfo Camarillo Ranch, Camarillo, (805) 389-8182.

Proton pump inhibitors used to treat heart burn and acid reflux may increase kidney disease risk. In a study of 10,500 adults who were followed for 15 years, proton pump inhibitor users were 20 percent to 50 percent likelier to develop chronic kidney disease than non-users.

Did you know Medicare will not pay for rehab unless you were first admitted to a hospital? Instead of being admitted, the hospital says you are there for observation, and then transferred to a nursing home. No, no! So, be sure to always ask if you were admitted or you will need big money to pay the medical charges.

At the hospital, we have all been awakened by the nurse at some early hour to be asked if we were sleeping. Well, here is the answer. If you are feeling good and you are stable ask your doctor whether you can sleep undisturbed between midnight and 6 a.m. The doctor can write a note directing the nurses not to wake you up to check your vital signs.

Please mark your calendar – February 1 is National Freedom Day; on February 8, 1910 the Boy Scouts of America were founded; Lincoln’s birthday is February 12 and Washington’s birthday is February 22.

Although India is 80 percent Hindu last year she emerged as the largest beef exporter in the world.

If you are worried that when your time comes your estate will be eroded by taxes, then move to Tennessee where the legislature repealed its death tax entirely.

Isn’t it about time? Airlines that haven’t updated their policies by January 9, 2016 to accept responsibility for damaging baggage will face enforcement action from the Department of Transportation Aviation Enforcement Office. According to the government, airlines are responsible for damage to “wheels, straps, zippers, handles and other protruding parts” that occurs under the airline’s watch.

Money Magazine writes the median annual health club dues are $828 per year or about $69 per month. Three ways to lower your costs:

1. Negotiate. Don’t settle for the sticker price.

2. Check your insurance. Some wellness plans cover part of your dues.

3. Join Costco. Members get deals at 24 Hour Fitness.

Mother used to tell me, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” so here are a few bargains I plan to take advantage of this year: in March, 53 percent off running shoes at .; in April, 40 percent off Craftsman tools at Sears; in May, 60 percent off clearance at Williams-Sonoma; in June, 57 percent off tools at Home Depot; in August, $100 off Apple laptops; in October, 50 percent off Levi’s jeans at Macy’s; in December, 73 percent off close-out toys at Target. Now, that will save you a pretty penny in this year of 2016.

A dear friend and fellow member of Culver City Post 617 Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America passed away on December 7, 2015 while Theodorsia and I were vacationing in Georgia. Millie Brooks, a lady we knew for 30 years, will always be remembered as a woman who contributed her energy, her time and her smiles. She was a tireless worker for veterans and will be sorely missed.

Serena Williams was the Sports Illustrated 2016 Athlete of the Year. Well deserved!

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