Remarks by Micheál O' Leary, Mayor of Culver City On Culver CityBus Line to Playa Vista

Good morning, I am Michael O'Leary, Mayor of the City of Culver City. Thank you for having me here today. I am pleased to be here to speak today on behalf of the Culver CityBus team as we begin Saturday service and extend our line 4 to Playa Vista.

Culver City is a progressive transit city that has been playing a key role improving the regions mobility and air quality and helping to reduce car trips since 1928. Our bus system transports passengers from UCLA to the airport and provides service throughout the west side.

With the line 4 extension we will provide transportation for the Playa Vista community and connect them to major destinations like Westfield Culver City shopping Center, exposition light rail station at La Cienega, West Los Angeles College, and points beyond through transit connections along the route.

We are proud of our bus system and look forward to welcoming members from the Playa Vista community on board our buses! Thank you.


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