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Dear Editor


December 3, 2015

For many years, my neighbors and I questioned the city on building a second floor in our garage. The city made it quite impossible for us to do any extra around our residences.

Suddenly a duplex is sold to a local real estate company. Consequently we see things that were made impossible to us, but as miracle happens we see a massive duplex in r2 zone being built.

The driveway for the second home is so narrow. I can guarantee you that parking which is already impossible will get even worse .I thought that a driveway today had to be larger than older driveways. I thought that you had to follow an alignment with the other properties and not have to expand toward the street.

It is sad to see that suddenly money speaks louder than the standards rules. It feels that you need to know someone inside the city to allow this kind of constructions.

Do you have any saying on this matter?

Stop by at Cattaraugus Avenue to see what I am talking about. On top of this, I see that one of the candidates is the city planner.

Where is Culver City going with this insane construction?

Andrea Zettel Harnack

Culver City


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