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Dear Editor


November 19, 2015

I must say I was shocked to see you state in your article on the election that the voter turnout is "difficult to calculate".

There were 5914 ballots cast. There were 9154 votes, which means that 2674 people "bullet voted" for only one candidate. All of this information is published on the county's website at Just look under "statement of votes cast". They even put it in Excel format for you, if you so choose.

Steve Levin

Culver City

Editors Note: Steve Levin is correct. The voter turnout was available under the section he quoted. We were relying on the raw totals for the election results. Mr. Levin is a current member of the Culver City Unified School District Board of Education and had not waded through the 297 detailed report. His seat was not up for re-election during this campaign. The Observer thanks Mr. Levin for clarifying the voter turnout which was just under 12%.


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