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Geraldo Ibarra promoted to General Manager of Tito's Tacos


November 12, 2015

Gerald Ibarra

Geraldo Ibarra has been named the General Manager of Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant which has been located in Culver City since 1959.

Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant was singled out as producing the 8th Best taco in this year's prestigious annual rankings of "America's 75 Best Tacos 2015" by The Daily Meal – and, Tito's Tacos was selected #1 in the Daily Meal's annual rankings of "America's 35 Best Burritos 2015" for its traditional Bean & Cheese Burrito.

"It's simply perfect, and it's America's Best Burrito". The Tito's Tacos award-winning executive chefs also produce really scrumptious Cheese Enchiladas, Chili con Carne, Beef & Chicken Tamales and Bean & Cheese Tostadas in addition to its customer favorite Red, Green Chili and Guacamole Salsas made fresh each day to perfection.

As General Manager of Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant Ibarra will be in charge of the Restaurant's day-to-day operations administrating over two shifts of full-time and part-time employees, managing the front of the house serving staff members, supervising the restaurant's back of the house food preparation and coordinating all behind-the-scenes communications with the restaurant's award-winning executive chefs at the Tito's Tacos Commissary to ensure the utmost in quality control.

"Geraldo Ibarra grew up right around the corner from Tito's Tacos and he has been instrumental in making sure that the restaurant's food is just like he remembers it tasting when he became hooked on it at the age of six," stated Lynne Davidson, President of Tito's Tacos.

"Geraldo has a levelheaded approach in dealing with the multitude of complicated issues which come into play with operating a quick service restaurant that has a tremendous following of really discerning customers and his poised leadership approach contributes vastly to making Tito's Tacos operate smoother than ever."

Ibarra has appeared on numerous local, national and international television programs featuring the restaurant's award-winning cuisine as a knowledgeable spokesperson for Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant.

Ibarra resides in Culver City with his spouse, Ivonne Arana Ibarra, and their three- year-old son, Damien. Ms. Ibarra is also employed with Tito's Tacos and oversees the restaurant's important taco assembly process which takes place on a daily basis at the Tito's Tacos Commissary.


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