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Flu Vaccines Run Short


November 12, 2015

The Flu Vaccine ran short on Friday at Farragut Elementary School posing the question if there will be a wider shortage this winter are if this was an isolated incident.

CCUSD Nurse Dianna Castro announced on Friday that the shots will still be given, however the Flue Mists had not been delivered by the county.

Castro issued the following statement, “I am sorry to say that we do not have enough Flu vaccine at this time to be able to complete the scheduled flu clinic tomorrow (11/6) at Farragut. When we originally scheduled the clinic dates, the County predicted they would receive a second shipment of flu vaccines by now; that did not happen.

The district plans to reschedule the Flu Clinic for Farragut students at a later date when it receives additional Flu Mists.


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