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Fisherman Sets World Record


November 5, 2015

By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

On June 6 Alex Newman, an experienced grouper tournament fisherman, landed a grouper weighing 124.18 pounds. The fish creating this new world record was caught in the Gulf of Mexico some 60 miles south of Fort Myers.

Researchers are working on the venom from leeches, bees and snakes to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Starting December 1 New York City restaurants will have to disclose on their menu sodium levels. The federal government recommends a maximum of 2300 milligrams (Mg.) of sodium each day.

Name Items Mg.

Applebee’s 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese with honey pepper 4290

Applebee’s Chicken Fajitas Rollup 3600

Checker’s 3 pcs. Chicken Strips meal 3460

Dairy Queen 4 pcs. Chicken strips basket 2530

IHop Country fried chicken steak & eggs 4210

Olive Garden Tour of Italy entrée 3830

Panera Bread Bacon turkey bravo 2920

Quizno’s Turkey bacon guacamole sub. 2470

Mc Donald’s Bacon Mc Double 1120

Mc Donald’s Grilled chicken bacon clubhouse 1750

High sodium levels have been linked to hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Those who read the May 13 Journal of the American Heart Association were surprised to learn people who reported high depression symptoms were more than twice as likely to have a first stroke than people with low depression symptoms. Researchers looked at the health information of more than 16, 000 men and women ages 50 and older. Participants were interviewed every two years over a 12-year period. The researchers speculated depression is associated with high blood pressure, physical inactivity and increased inflammation.

By the way, the United States Navy Seals consists of 753 in their officer corps with eight being African American. In the enlisted ranks are 2,242 with 45 being African American. I see 99 men are Native American or Alaskan.

State Senator Holly Mitchell should be named as the Legislator of the Year for introducing and getting Governor Brown to sign into law SB227. Senate Bill 227 would bar grand juries from getting involved with cases of excessive force or deadly force by law enforcement personnel. I am particularly proud because I was talking to Holly’s office staff about another idea I had regarding public documents and suggested what later became SB227; if I remember correctly it was in 2013.

Pararescue jumpers – A.K.A. PJs – are the most elite unit in the United States Air Force and perhaps the least well known special operations team on earth. PJs are trained to recover and provide medical care in the harshest and most dangerous environments. You’ll know them by their maroon berets, which signify that they have completed the grueling two-year training program.

Two prostate cancer screening tests help men avoid unnecessary treatments. The PCA3 test measures urinary levels of prostate cancer gene 3, found only in cancerous prostate cells. Men with higher than normal PSA levels should ask for a PCA3 test before getting a biopsy. A PCA3 score of 25 or lower means a biopsy is not needed. The Prolaris test uses cancer cells taken during a biopsy to determine if a tumor is aggressive.

Can you believe the one-of-a-kind patterns of ridges and valleys in a fingerprint may not only betray who was present at a crime scene, they may also tell us about the drugs a suspect handled? With advanced spectroscopy, researchers can detect and measure tiny flecks of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin – in some cases as little as trillionths of a gram, per Analytical Chemistry, May 19.

Have you all read your copy of the September issue of Inc. Magazine? On page 175 please note SCOPELY, a Culver City firm, whose CEO, Walter Driver, runs an entertainment network that publishes and monetizes free-to-play touchscreen games. Three year growth was 19,556.4 percent.

On page 186 please note eSalon CEO Francisco Gimenez sells customized hair color and care products through an at-home subscription service. Three-year growth was 4,047.8 percent.

Finally, on page 216, BOA Logistics co-founders Matthew Mugar and Walter Lopes provide shipping and logistics services to primarily business customers. Three year growth was 2,440.4 percent.

Jeffrey Prang is the new Los Angeles County Tax Assessor and is responsible for valuing more than 2.6 million properties annually.

Property tax statements will be coming soon so I have a suggestion to whoever can change the law – instead of two installments why not three or even four? I just know our State Senator Holly Mitchell could make this happen. Until then Mr. Prang can be reached at (213) 974-3441 or

Are you one of those wondering about the demographics of Culver City?

Published by Civic Publications, Inc.

Population 39,579

Median Age 41.8

Hispanic 23.1%

Asian 15.0%

Black 8.6%

American Indian .2%

White 47.9%

Average Household Size 2.3

Median Household Income $68,135

Number of Housing Units 17,558

Homeowner Rate 54.2%

Median Existing Home Sales Price $565,000

K-12 Public School Enrollment 6,658

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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