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October 15, 2015

Why I am Compelled to Vote for Dr. Kelly Kent.

Dr. Kelly Kent exudes intelligence, ingenuity and integrity. She is an incredibly positive force of nature brimming with creative ideas and love for our community. One can’t help but adore and be in awe of this woman.

Hands-on mom of two, Dr. Kelly holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, is founder and director of a reputable educational firm, lecturer at two local colleges, and as if that is not already enough, she is also a city commissioner and dedicated school community volunteer.

Kelly and I became instant friends as active parent volunteers at Lin Howe Elementary, where I co-led the green team over the past several years. I can personally attest she is a pure delight to collaborate with on any project.

She is a great listener, leader and problem solver. Kelly has been particularly integral to greening up our campus, including supporting the edible garden, and bringing zero period Spanish language classes to our children.

As the Co-Chair of our District’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, I am especially heartened by Kelly’s commitment to forwarding sustainability at CCUSD. She understands the gravity of climate change and realizes the pressing importance of having our community be part of the solution, for the health and wellbeing of our children.

It is also clear to Kelly that a systemic and enduring commitment to sustainability will provide our children opportunities to become eco-literate and build life-long environmental leadership skills that will serve them well in the 21st Century.

CCUSD is already on the path toward becoming an inspiring beacon of sustainability. Over the past several years CCUSD has made commendable strides in developing and implementing sustainability-oriented projects and programs (e.g. the board-appointed ESC, the “Whole Child” and “Inspired Living” programs, the solar project, Green5, Walk and Rollers, and a new partnership with Power Save Alliance etc.), however we have yet to implement a comprehensive and integrative approach. Kelly is just the person to help lead this effort.

Especially dear to her heart, she has expressed interest in supporting healthier options in our school cafeterias, moving from less processed and packaged foods to more whole and nutritious foods. Moreover, she is interested in exploring ways the District can create partnerships with local organic farms.

This has been done in numerous school districts across the country. We can and should do it here too for our children.

Kelly shares my sustainability vision to reduce our collective carbon footprint and create an award-wining energy and water efficient District, complete with more renewable energy and native and drought-tolerant learning gardens. Furthermore, she supports the integration of sustainability principles and guidelines into new construction, renovations, operations and maintenance, procurement and transportation.

Compassionate, creative, and on the cutting-edge, Kelly is beyond qualified for this position. She is a perfect fit. Join me in supporting Dr. “Kelly Green” Kent for CCUSD School Board. Our children’s future will be brighter, and greener, for it.

Shea Cunningham

Culver City


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