Clippers Have More Talent, Need Good Chemistry

By Myke Williams

Sports Rporter

A lot of teams look good on paper but no team in the history of sports has ever won a championship just because they look good on paper.

The Clippers need to prove that talent translates into wins and eventually championships.

“Right now we are talking about something on paper,” said starting shooting guard J. J. Redick last Friday at Clippers media in Playa Vista. “The regular season is 82 games and there are pre-season and playoff games. Roles change and minutes change.

“The important thing is to have a good mental approach and realizing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Clipper coach Doc Rivers and the rest of the front office have assembled a lot of good and experienced players. “This is clearly the most talent we have had since I have been here,” said Rivers at media day. “We are deep and multi positional and that was our goal going into the summer. Now the real works start.”

The real work will be picking a starting small forward to replace the departed Matt Barnes. Will it be Lance Stephenson or former Laker Wesley Johnson. Who will be the backup point guard to Chris Paul? Will it be the coach’s son, Austin Rivers or former Houston Rocket Pablo Prigioni?

The Clippers’ starting lineup is basically the same as last season with the exception of the small forward position. The returning other four starters are center DeAndre Jordan, forward Blake Griffin and guards Chris Paul and Redick.

Where the Clippers have improved from last year are the players who will be coming off the bench. The second unit will consist of guards Jamal Crawford, Prigioni and Rivers, forwards Josh Smith, veteran Paul Pierce, Johnson or Stephenson and center Cole Aldrich.


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