CCEF helps CCHS Green Thumbs Renovate Garden


October 1, 2015

Last spring CCEF helped the Culver City High School Green Thumbs Club obtain a grant for $5,500 from the Richard B. Seigal Foundation.

The grant made it possible for the Green Thumbs to put an automated drip watering system into their garden so that it's watered efficiently even when school is not in session. The grant also enabled them to install a new fence, which the students are staining themselves and new raised-bed garden boxes.

The old boxes have been turned into tables and benches by one of the club's past presidents. Those tables are used for a variety of activities, like sorting seeds, collecting harvests and even eating lunch.

These improvements make the garden more productive and more beautiful than ever. The Green Thumbs are proud of the way their garden beautifies the CCHS campus. They say it's 'a real zen area.'

If they're feeling bad, they know they can go work in the garden and it will make them feel better. Plus gardening is a great way to make friends.

CCEF and the Green Thumbs Club are grateful to the Richard B. Seigal Foundation for its generosity.

Obtaining grants from other larger foundations is one of the major ways that CCEF raises money for its schools. But CCEF cannot research, apply for and manage grants without the public's support. So please go to and donate.


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