Culver City Class Celebrates 30 Years of Training In Ancient Martial Art


September 17, 2015

This fall students of the Chinese martial arts celebrate 30 years of Tuesday Tai Chi at Vet's Auditorium in Culver City.

For most of those 30 years the class has been meeting in the Garden Room at Vet's to practice Tai Chi's signature form, known to practitioners as "Slow Set," as well as other hand-to-hand forms and forms using weapons. Famed for its graceful and steady pace, it's easy to understand why students in this Culver City institution have stuck with it for 10 and even20 years.

Tai Chi promotes balance and strength in a way that also provides relaxation. Often called "moving meditation," the Culver City class includes students of all levels and abilities: from beginners to 20-year veterans, from athletes who run marathons or play tennis to people recovering from physical injuries and even severe illness. One of Tai Chi's greatest strengths is its simplicity and inclusiveness: it has something significant to offer to everyone.

Tai Chi has been offered for the past three decades through Culver City Parks and Rec, but it's evolved into much more than just a class. The friendly atmosphere of the group has kept people coming back year after year, and many even meet for a Sunday morning session at nearby Coombs Park. The success of the class is also due to the expert instruction offered by teacher Jennifer Hill, who has been studying Tai Chi since 1984. Jennifer has been leading this Tai Chi class for eight years.

Like previous Culver City Tai Chi instructor Marjorie Jackson, Jennifer Hill is a student of Grand Master Kai Ying Tung of the internationally known Tung family. Master Tung has been teaching Tai Chi in the Los Angeles since 1984, and since Tai Chi is a martial art that is handed down from generation to generation, he can trace his practice back to 16th century China. His contemporary students, including son Master Chen Wei, teach all over the world.

If you're curious about Tai Chi, the class meets almost every Tuesday of the year at the Vet's building. You can drop in to try a class, or sign up for a full term at (CC Parks and Rec Site), or you can visit the Culver City Tai Chi Facebook Page at


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