Sarkisian Apologizes For 'Inappropriate Actions'


August 27, 2015

USC football coach Steve Sarkisian has apologized for his inappropriate comments and lewd jokes at a Salute to Troy event Saturday night on campus.

He said at a Tuesday press conference he mixed medication and alcohol and has begun treatment although he says he is not an alcoholic.

“I won’t drink any more this season,” he added. “This will not happen again.”

Some players said they were embarrassed by the coach’s behavior, including his remarks about Pac-12 conference opponents.

USC is ranked eighth nationally in the first AP poll for the season that begins next week.

Sarkisian was taken from the microphone by Athletic Director Pat Haden and was given a lecture backstage.

As of Tuesday no punishment had been announced for Sarkisian but some television commentators have said a suspension is appropriate. Their suggestions ranged from three games to the full season.

USC quarterback Cody Kessler said Sarkisian addressed the team on Sunday and was candid about his out of character behavior at the Trojan event.

“He came to us as a man,” said Kessler. “I think we gained respect for him when he did that,” Kessler said.

USC has banned alcohol from the locker room this season. In the past alcohol was available to coaches after a game but not to players.


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