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The month of February is all about love. Whether you are waiting for Cupid to strike or have already met your match, we all want to look our best on Valentine's Day. And this should be no different for your furry best friends! Adopt & Shop Culver City offers a wide variety of grooming services for the beauty and well-being of your pets. This February, Adopt & Shop is offering 15% off all grooming services for that special pet in your life. And we are pleased to introduce you to our groomer Lisa, who will keep your furballs looking their finest year-round.

Lisa is a graduate of The Nash Academy of Animal Arts in New Jersey, and was privileged to have Loretta Voight as a tutor and mentor, who at the time was named "Top Groomer" in the country (and later the world). Lisa maintained high standards during her training and was the only one to receive an "A" in Mrs. Voight's course. During Lisa's training at the Academy, she was not only trained in the traditional AKC Breed standard cuts but was also trained in animal behavior, health, and biology. Lisa was taught that a client will likely see their groomer more often than their vet, so she was also trained to spot possible health issues in order to alert owners.

During Lisa's thirty-year career, she has worked with several privately owned grooming salons and was also a personal grooming technician to many of the top show dogs in the country. One of Lisa's specialties is scissor work, which is a rare find in today's groomers. Lisa's clients describe her as "dependable, professional, and talented."

Lisa's passion for animals is evident in everything she does. She has two rescue dogs of her own - Whoopie, a pit bull/Labrador mix; and Reggae, an American Stafford mix. She is also committed to working with shelter animals, which is what also drew her to Adopt & Shop's mission of rescuing shelter dogs and cats. Lisa was also a long-time volunteer with Westside German Shepherd Rescue, where she groomed adoptable dogs to keep them looking their best. When a former shelter pet she had groomed gets adopted, Lisa takes great pride in knowing she had a small part in saving its life. Lisa always wanted a career where her passion and dedication to animal welfare could benefit others, and she has found that role at Adopt & Shop.

For the entire month of February, Adopt & Shop Untangled is offering 15% off all grooming services. Untangled offers full service styling, as well as bath and brush, teeth cleaning and nail trims. Call or stop in to Adopt & Shop today to book an appointment for your furry Valentine today!

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