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"Progressive" Slate Elects Delegates To Demo State Convention


January 22, 2015

By Stephen Hadland

Observer Publisher

A group claiming to be the "Progressive Slate" Swept the caucus election to represent the 54th Assembly District at the upcoming Democratic State Convention.

Seven men and seven women were elected out of a field of 39 prospective delegates.

Elected were Tom Camarella, Max Kanin, Nyabingi Kuti, Fred MacFarlane, Stephen Murray, Mark Ridley-Thomas, David Mielke, Suzanne De Benedittis, Lilian Carter, Denise Collier. Mary Beth Fielder, Jacquelynn Hawthorne, Celestine Palmer, and Michelle Weiner.

The ballot Counts were as follows:

Jacquelynn Hawthorne 127 Tom Camarella 121

Celestine Palmer 116 Nyabingi Kuti 99

Michelle Weiner 116 Stephen Murray 97

Mary Beth Fielder 113 Max Kanin 96

Suzanne De Benedittis 107 David Mielke 88

Lilian Carter 67 Mark Ridley-Thomas 79

Denise Collier 59 Frederic Macfarlane 60

Deborah Manns 41 Curt Gillett 47

Velma Union 41 John Jake 47

Avis Ridley-Thomas 34 Damali Najuma 34

Stephanie Uy 26 Sinclair Ridley-Thomas 33

Deborah Weinrauch 19 Joseph Paul 31

Catherine Proctor 12 Alex Padilla 26

Shaunicie Fielder 10 Patrick Macfarlane 17

Anne Malsin 8 Gustavo Sustaita 9

Jefferia Grayson 4 David Malsin 9

Lindsay Carlson 4 Brian Muller 7

Crystal Carter 2 Jason Plummer 6

Emily Hazlett 2 Christopher Pearson 3

Francisco Covarrubias 3

There were 173 ballots issued, however only 171 were counted due to overvoting on two ballots.


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