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Dear Editor


January 15, 2015

Another person named Michael Landis (with no middle initial or no middle name) received a Red Light Ticket At Beethoven and Washington Blvd., I was informed by my automobile insurance company and LexusNexis Consumer Center that I had received a moving violation posted on my DMV record and that my auto insurance would be increased because of this violation.

My Drivers license number, date of birth and home address became linked with the other Michael Landis as well as his automobile, home address and license plate number.

It took me six months, several visits to Santa Monica Traffic Court, Culver City Police Dept. and hiring an attorney and an investigator for $3600 to resolve this matter and have it removed from my DMV record!

Santa Monica Traffic Court told me to go to Culver City Police Dept. to rectify this mistake.

The Culver City Police Sergeant in charge of Red Light Tickets did not believe my identity and told me to go out and find this other Michael Landis and bring him into the station with a notarized statement and drivers license that he was the one who got the ticket.

At this point, I hired an attorney.

There are many more facts and details regarding this saga which occurred during this last year.

I have a file of supporting documents.

Thank you for your time.

Michael Harvey Landis

Los Angeles


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