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Online Spying Causes Much Concern


January 1, 2015

I’m not a computer whiz kid as many of us know, but I have been reading about this new malware and I am very concerned.

It seems this advanced malware was used to spy on private companies, governments, research institutes and individuals in 10 countries. Symantec, the maker of Norton anti-virus software, said its research showed a “nation-state” was the likely developer. Because Russia and Saudi Arabia have been hit the most, the bad guy just might be North Korea, Iran or China.

Do you realize we have so many Culver City City Hall employees getting pensions over $8,000 per month that they could form their own marching band and take part in the Rose Parade?

Looking at the pay of legislators we see members of the New York City Council’s base salary is $112,500; California’s Assembly and Senate base is $90,526; in Pennsylvania it’s $84,012; and in Albany those elected statehouse people’s base is a mere $79,500.

And from the folder labeled “Cops bringing lawsuits against fellow cops,” in New York City Officer Guerra died in an arson fire allegedly because the NYPD failed to adopt key safety protocols for high rise fires. The widow seeks $50 million for lack of training and instruction.

Real estate has certainly gone through the ceiling, the roof and into the ozone layer. I cannot imagine buying a home on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii for the super-duper bargain price of $38 million, or Miami Beach for a mere $19,500,000. How about a Costa Rica “fixer-upper” for an unbelievable $3.9 million?

It seems to me the high end of the housing market is where the money is at, sooo . . . why not form a partnership with 50 participants putting up $50,000 each to buy a place in Malibu, hold it for a few years, sell and divide the profits?

If I remember correctly, my pot of gold is buried three paces south of the Elm tree next to the brick wall near the rose bushes, then dig a hole four feet down. Please don’t mention my name ‘cause the IRS will send the money-sniffing dogs and the back hoe and dig up my yard.

Wow, Homeboy Industries celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Westchester Chamber of Commerce honored Father Boyle for his work with the largest gang intervention rehab and re-entry group in the United States. Homeboy provides free tattoo removal, job training and case management to over 12,000 people every year. The Father is the Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries.

Are you a fan of pro football? Maybe like me you were a rooter for the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1980s. If so you no doubt remember Dwayne Woodruff. Dwayne is now a judge and has announced his candidacy for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2015.

Like to win a tube of Brylcreem? If you can name the three finalists for the Democratic Convention in 2016 a 5.5 fluid ounce tube of the “Little dab’ll do ya!” might be yours.

It’s too late to get a hotel in the Philadelphia area for next September’s visit of Pope Francis, for his outdoor Mass. Two million Catholics are expected for the World Meeting of Families and related events.

Do yourself a favor and call the paramedic before you read another word. These three homes are for sale in Westchester: 7830 West 83rd St. for $1.199.000; 7234 Ogelsby Ave. for $1,501,000 and 7921 Kentwood Ave. for $1,790,000. I recently checked with several brokers and they feel people who want to live in the area and cannot afford Westchester prices will move into Culver City, especially if they compare Westchester and Culver high Schools.

One has to love the Southern California Edison Company. Those who follow my commentary have read SCE requests rate increases so frequently I am in shock.

Every 68 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The January monthly meeting of the Brandeis Men’s Group will be on the 21st at 8:30 a.m. at the Veterans’ Memorial Complex where Molly Maher of the Westside Family Health Center will speak. The usual lox breakfast with all the trimmings will be served. Money raised is used to benefit Brandeis students, the college and programs. Some interesting facts: student to faculty ration is 10 to 1; 6% of the classes have fewer than 19 students; plus there are 1,034 classes on different subjects.

Do you know San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago have all banned pet stores from selling rabbits? Petco stopped selling rabbits in 2008.

Burbank has the right idea – will Culver City be next? Burbank officials said recently all city vehicles will not be washed for at least the next two months. This includes police and fire – the drought is that bad.

When in Amsterdam why not stay in the Waldorf Astoria? It’s a short walk to all of Amsterdam’s major sites and they will throw in breakfast if you throw in at least $558 per night. No, I don’t know if by showing your AARP or AAA card you get a discount.

I have been told every time there is a mention of pensions in my commentary, there is a very nervous bunch of people meeting behind closed doors discussing “rumor control.”

Maria, AKA “the wild gypsy lady,” told me to read the California State Conroller’s website Now taxpayers are able to track revenue, expenditures, liabilities, assets and fund balances of 450 cities in the Golden State. Your eyes don’t lie.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in that website’s search box.


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