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Judge Cherness To Speak In Culver


December 4, 2014

By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

What are you doing on Dec. 10, 2014 at 7 p.m.? My friend, your friend, our friend, the very Honorable Judge Hal Cherness will speak to the Culver City Democratic Club in the Rotunda Room of the Veterans Memorial Building.

Judge Cherness helped start the club in the early 1950s as a supporter of Adlai Stevenson when he ran against Dwight D. Eisenhower for president.

Everyone is invited to attend.

My dad used to tell me, when traveling throughout our great country and your stomach sends your brain a message, “Feed me,” be darn sure you get grub where there are many trucks in the parking lot. Using that adage, I always ate well.

Our cousin wanted to purchase a new automobile and he went through so much hell looking at resale value, miles per gallon, comfort, cost, etc., etc., etc. that after two months he gave up – until he found, from Sacramento, a list of the most popular cars stolen in 2013. His reasoning: If thieves stole 53,995 Accords and 45,001 Civics, they must be good cars!!! After all, who would steal a junky vehicle when a man’s honor is at stake? Go with the criminals, you can trust their choices. Go Honda.

You don’t have much money, you can’t afford a lawyer, but you feel your suite needs to be heard and in a Federal court house. Well, buckaroo, at least some help is here. The Federal Pro SE Clinic in downtown Los Angeles provides free guidance to those who represent themselves in cases.

On Oct. 25, 2014 the Alex Film Society presented “Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein” at the Alex Theatre, 216 North Brand Blvd. in Glendale. Tickets were $16.50 general admission and seniors/students $12.50. The event began at 2 p.m. with Chris, Lou Costello’s daughter as a special on-stage guest. The 8 p.m. screening featured Bela Lugosi Jr. It was a memorable experience and this film society ( might well be looking into for future events.

Can you believe it? Well, neither can I. The man who made us laugh for decades recently enjoyed his 89th birthday: Dick Van Dyke, Mr. Good Guy.

Americans have at times worried about their drinking water. Tap water is a concern of folks in every state, rightly or wrongly, so here is the skinny. Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water per day and enjoy one of the safest water supplies in the world. Municipal water suppliers are required to file annual repots on water quality and safety with the Environmental Protection Agency. To check on your locality’s water, see To learn more about water quality and safety, download a free brochure at

It was just a few short months ago we passed Proposition 42, officially called “Public Records, Open Meeting, State Reimbursement to Local Agencies.” This measure required local governments to make agendas and other documents available to the public. It simply protected the public’s right to know what local government is doing when it conducts the public’s business. About time, I would say.

United States District Court Judge George H. King ruled that Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean’s decision to reduce the size of inmate mail to post cards was unconstitutional. Could it just be that Sheriff Dean wanted to be certain that no guns or drugs were being smuggled into the jail using the United States Postal System?

It all began on June 1, 2014 when Sally Jewell, the Interior Secretary, announced the marking of places of importance to the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. School districts in California, beginning in 2015, will teach students about the contributions of this group both in history of our state as well as our nation.

Some of you heard recently about the fire that broke out at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, causing slight damage near the place where Jesus is thought to have been born. Father Ibrahim Faltas said the fire was accidental. The curtains around the grotto caught fire from a candle and that is all that happened. It was stated that “It was not arson,” the fire was quickly put out, but burnt remains of the curtains lay on the floor and there was some smoke damage to the walls.

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