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Police Seek Suspects in Bus Assault


December 4, 2014

Male Suspect In Assault

The Culver City Police Department is Seeking Information on an elder abuse assault suspect.

Female who was traveling with suspect

On Saturday November 22 at about 1:45 PM, the suspect, who was riding a Culver City Bus with a female associate, became involved in an argument with an elderly male rider. After arguing with the man for a few seconds, the suspect stood up and repeatedly punched the man several times in the head and face. As a result of the attack, the victim was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The suspect was described an African American male, in his early twenties, light complexion, with a mustache or goatee, wearing camouflage shorts and a maroon sweatshirt with a brown pocket. The female who was with the suspect was described as a Hispanic in her early twenties with dark hair. She was wearing a black shirt and black pants and carrying a skateboard. The Culver City Police Department is asking anyone with information on this crime or the identity of the suspects to contact either Detective Thompson at (310) 253-6311 or the Watch Commander at (310) 253-6202.


Reader Comments

joe123 writes:

This is absurd. That so called elderly man assalted the young guy's girlfriend when there were visible open seats. Dont bring this rac ist harras s ment to Los Angeles. If he was so elderly he should have sat in the front of the bus in the elderly researved seats. There are two open seats next to that per vert. He touched on that sleeping young woman and you culver people are trying to help him get away with being a s ex offender. That brave young man should be commended for protecting that girl


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