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November 21, 2014


December 4, 2014

downtown, originally wrapped in 2004 with images of the surrounding landscape, were restored this week by artist Joshua Callaghan. The artist will install three remaining vinyl panels in two weeks, once restoration is complete. The replacement vinyl wraps feature updated high resolution images of the surrounding landscape. An additional three utility boxes along Culver Boulevard (adjacent to Parcel B) were also included in the restoration. Both the artist and the “Almost Invisible Boxes” public art installation will be included in an article about Los Angeles in an upcoming issue of Swissair’s inflight magazine.

Community Development

• California Bank & Trust – Building plans have been approved for a 5,992 square foot tenant improvement at 100 Corporate Pointe.

• Alchemy – A building permit has been issued to renovate a 7,814 square foot existing vehicle service shop into an office space at 5888 Smiley Drive and 5091 Blackwelder.

• Business Improvement District – On November 10 the City Council approved the Downtown Business Improvement District work plan and budget for 2015, and set the public hearing on December 8 to gather input from BID members and to consider continuation of the BID program for 2015. The December 8 hearing item will be publicly noticed, posted and published in accordance with BID requirements.

• Culver Village Business Association – The Culver Village Business Association’s next monthly membership meeting is scheduled for November 20. Street-pole banners identifying the Business District have been installed along the Sepulveda commercial corridor. The second annual Halloween Candy Crawl hosted by The Culver Village Business Association had a good turnout and generated favorable publicity.

• Downtown Business Association MOU for Events – The Downtown Business Association MOU for Events is scheduled for consideration during the City Council meeting of December 8. The Town Plaza holiday tree lighting ceremony is an event included in the MOU.

• The Culver City Chamber of Commerce MOU for Events – The Chamber of Commerce MOU for Events is scheduled for consideration during the City Council meeting of December 8.

• CDBG Administration – The 2010 U.S. Census data indicates that certain Culver City areas previously eligible for CDBG funding is no longer eligible. The slurry seal project in the east Washington area has been reduced in scope as a result of several streets becoming ineligible for CDBG project funding. Staff has identified available funding not previously captured by the CDBG program and requested the CDBG Administration carryover the funding to the available funding pool for Fiscal Year 2014-15.

• The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Committee – The Committee is scheduled to meet at City Hall on November 13 to consider possible uses of available CDBG funding for Fiscal Year 2015-16. This is a meeting is open to the public. The City Council is scheduled to consider CDBG projects during a Public Hearing on December 8. Public notices will be posted, distributed, and published in accordance with CDBG requirements.

• Parcel B, Combined/Hudson – The City is negotiating a Reciprocal Easement with Combined/Hudson to share the subterranean parking spaces beneath Parcel B and the adjacent Town Plaza expansion area. A traffic engineering firm has been hired to create a design for the shared subterranean parking level and to discuss options related to improving the operation of the Washington Boulevard / Ince Boulevard intersection.

• Culver City Theaters Sale – On November 21 the City officially sold the Culver City Theatres, located at 9500 Culver Boulevard (currently Pacific Theatres), for $13,032,260 to Oliver McMillan Culver City Theatres, LLC. Oliver McMillan has been managing the theater operation since it opened in May 2003. The City looks forward to the theater’s continued success as a popular destination in Downtown Culver City.

Fire Department

• Department Promotions – On November 17 Captain Ken Powell was promoted to Battalion Chief and Firefighter Daniel Dobbs was promoted to Captain. Both of these individuals competed in a highly competitive promotional process to earn a spot on the eligibility list. The Department conducted a Badge Ceremony on November 20 to present each of them with their newly earned badges.

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department

• Senior Center Volunteer Services – Volunteer Services at the Senior Center was happy to provide volunteers from its SWAT (Someone With Available Time) Team for the November 13 “America Recycles Day” event at City Hall. Volunteers helped with setup, giveaways, a raffle and pledge drive during the lunch hour. They assisted as greeters for the workshop and food servers. If you would like to be on the SWAT Team list or have a potential volunteer opportunity, please call Jill Thomsen at 310-253-6722.

• Senior Center Nutrition Program – The SNAP-Ed “Eat Smart, Live Strong” program, offered by the Nutrition Program and Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging, began on November 7 and ran for three weeks. For more information about the Healthy Living program, please contact Roxana Tabibi at 310-253-6712.

• Bullying Workshop at the Senior Center – The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health / Older Adult Workshops will present a session on Bullying on Monday, November 24 at 1 pm. Bullying can occur at any time throughout our lives. The public is invited to learn how to recognize it and tips on what to do if you feel it’s happening to you. While all of its educational seminars are open to the public, please note the Senior Center parking lot is for those with permits. The public is advised to park at the Veterans Memorial Building parking lot off of Culver Boulevard, across the street from the Senior Center.

Police Department

• President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative - On November 13 Chief Bixby and Police Department personnel attended the community kickoff meeting hosted by Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells at West Los Angeles College. The Mayor outlined the City’s commitment to President Obama’s program to ensure every child gets an opportunity to complete their education and become successful in their chosen careers.

• Three New Police Recruits Graduate from the Sheriff Academy - On November 14 Chief Bixby, Command staff, and other members of the Police Department attended the graduation of its newest Police Officers. After 18 weeks of rigorous and intense training under the guidance of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy, Officers Steven Locke, Agustin Delgado, and Shawn Watkins all graduated in the top 10% of their graduating class.

• Culver City Police Reserve Officers Awards Presentation - On November 19 Chief Bixby and the Command staff honored the Culver City Reserve Police Officers at their annual awards ceremony. The following officers were presented with the following awards: Officer Chris Ng received the Distinguish Service Medal for his outstanding work over a long period of time. Officers Corey Markus and Mark Hoffman received a Sustained Superiority Award for their outstanding service during the past year. Officers Chris Ng and Lance Ordin received entrance into the 500 Hour Club, which means they volunteered over 500 hours during the past year. Officer Tom Ghyzcy received his 30-year service pin, and Officers Dave Gushansky and Dennis Carriero received their 20 year service pins.

Public Works

• Culver City Employees Celebrate America Recycles Day – November 15 was America Recycles Day, a national celebration promoting and recognizing recycling. The Public Works Department hosted a Lunch and Learn Event in partnership with the Community Energy Partnership for Culver City employees. The goal of the event was to recognize America Recycles Day and to provide employees with continued education for protecting the environment. The lunch time presentation focused on the Southern California Edison Demand Response Program, of which the City is a participant. 50 employees attended and received recycling tips for the workplace and home.

• Culver City Parking Meter Technician, David Williams, Receives Merit Award – The Public Works Department’s Parking Meter Technician, David Williams, was the recipient of the 2014 Parking Professional Merit Award. Williams was nominated for this prestigious award by Dianne Gifford of the Culver City Police Department and the award was presented to Williams at the 2014 California Public Parking Association annual conference held at the beginning of November at the LAX Marriott. Williams is the sole Parking Meter Technician for the City and is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 1,600 parking meters and pay stations across the City. He works closely with the Police Department meter collection and parking enforcement staff in resolving maintenance issues and parking citation contestations.

• Downtown Holiday Banners Courtesy of 5th Grade Artists – The Downtown Culver City Holiday Banners are displayed during the holiday season each year. The existing banners have been displayed over the past 10 years and were in need of replacement. A Culver City resident suggested that the Culver City Unified School District students participate in the re-design of the new banners.

5th grade students were selected to create art work as part of their last year in elementary school. The theme for the banners was “What does winter mean to you?” 10 semi-finalists were selected from each of the five elementary schools in the district and the top two finalists from each school were selected by Culver City High School’s Advanced Placement art students.

The selected artwork represents two designs from each elementary school in the Culver City Unified School District. The 10 students will have their artwork displayed on the newly designed Downtown Winter Banners. El Marino, La Ballona, Farragut, El Rincon and Linwood Howe will each have a banner design with the winning artwork from their school displayed throughout Downtown Culver City.

• Winter Season Reminders - The holidays are coming and you may ask “What should I do with all the extra trash I have accumulated over the Winter Season?” If you are Talking Trash, Think Recycle.

Holiday Trees

At this time of year, this could be the single largest item most residents will need to dispose. Remember, it is unlawful and a serious fire hazard to leave unwanted trees at the curb or in the alleys for an extended period of time. Please recycle your tree in the green waste bins.

Culver City, PW Environmental Programs and Operations also recommends:

 All lights, ornaments, metal, stands and all other non-organic material be removed from the tree prior to disposal.

 Single Family residents with curbside recycling service should cut the tree to fit into the green residential container.

 For Multi-Family residents in the Fox Hills area, please call 310-253-6400 for the drop off location.

Paper Wrap, Boxes and Catalog Tips

Here are a few hints to get you through the mountains of ribbon, stuffing and wrapping.

 Set a box aside to collect the reusable ribbons, bows, and other package decorations.

 Most gifts boxes can be flattened and reused throughout the year for other purposes.

 Recycle boxes in the blue bin, fold or cut down to make room in the bin.

 Put this year's Holiday Cards away to cut up and use as gift tags for next year's gifts.

 Drop off extra packaging materials at local private mailing centers. UPS stores will accept bubble wrap and or Styrofoam peanuts. Call first.

 If you received new gadgets and appliances, consider giving away your old ones to a local charity or thrift store.

 Do the best you can to salvage the wrapping paper you like for reuse.

 Note of Caution: Before taking the bag of used gift wrap out to the trash can, check to make sure toy or game parts have not been accidentally dropped in the bag.

 Before you throw away or recycle all of those gift catalogs, take a minute to pick out the ones you don't want to receive anymore. Call their toll-free numbers now and ask to get off their list.

For more information about this and more recycling tips please call Refuse and Recycling Customer Service Office at 310-253-6400.

• Public Works Joins Southern California Gas (SGC) Westside Partnership - Public Works is pleased to announce the expansion of SGC Local Government Partnership program, which includes the Westside Partnership. Culver City is the first municipality to join the group and is proud to take the lead in creating opportunities for natural gas conservation.

The City has entered into an agreement with SGC for Energy Efficiency Programs. The agreement is part of the City’s sustainability initiatives and resource conservation goals.

The City and SGC have expressed a commitment to participate jointly in the Program, allowing the City to achieve immediate and long-term gas savings in its own facilities and demonstrate gas efficiency leadership, while helping residents and businesses achieve reductions in gas consumption within SCG territory.

All of the project funding agreements will be held and managed by The Energy Coalition. The City is already working with The Energy Coalition to implement an existing partnership with Southern California to conserve electricity. The Energy Coalition will work with City staff for project administration, measurement, evaluation, reporting and all fiscal accounting. Coordination with The Energy Coalition allows Culver City Public Works to continue its high level of service in all areas of conservation without utilizing significant staff resources on the requirements of the agreement.

• Urban Forest Management Plan Community Meetings Scheduled – The Public Works Department and the City’s consultant for the preparation of the Urban Forest Management Plan, Artecho, have finalized dates for hosting community meetings with the goal of obtaining community input to shape the framework of the Urban Forest Management Plan. The schedule will be as follows and the meeting location will be at the Dan Patacchia Room located at City Hall, 9770 Culver Boulevard (dates subject to change):

Saturday January 10, 2015………………10 am to 11:30 am

Wednesday January 14, 2015……………...6 pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday February 5, 2015…………………6 pm to 7:30 pm

Saturday February 7, 2015………………10 am to 11:30 am

Saturday April 25, 2015…………………..10 am to 11:30 am

Residents are encouraged to sign up for email updates on this topic by registering to the City’s public notification system via the link below:

Sign-Up to Receive Email Updates:

*Once you have entered your email address, scroll down to “Timely Topics” and select “Urban Forest Management Plan.

Participate in Urban Forest Survey to Help Structure Community Meetings:

• Culver City Receives Honorable Mention as a Bicycle Friendly City – The League of American Bicyclists have recognized the City of Culver City with an honorable mention as a Bicycle Friendly City. A few of the accomplishments in Culver City highlighted were the Culver City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, public outreach and education and high number of daily bicyclists. The City also received an honorable mention in 2012 from the League of American Bicyclists. The next goal for the City is the Bronze Level. Current and future improvements for bicycle access, infrastructure and community engagement will advance the City to higher levels of recognition from the League of American Bicyclists.

• Bike Rack Installation Citywide – Malibu Pacific is currently installing bicycle racks for Phase 1 of the Citywide Bicycle Rack Installation Project. Phase 1 entails installation of bicycle racks at predetermined locations based on the work performed as part of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (BPMP), public requests, and public transit locations. The bicycle rack is “U” shaped and made of steel. It is coated in green thermoplastic paint and meets the Culver City BPMP design guidelines.

Phase 2 will entail installing bicycle racks at locations requested by residents and businesses who may apply for installation in an area where there is a perceived need. Phase 2 installation will occur approximately 3 months after completion of Phase 1. Additionally, the Project includes installation of 2 Fixit Bicycle Stations. They will be installed during Phase 2.

Businesses interested in bike rack installations in front of their business or any questions should contact Chris Evans, Project Manager at (310) 253-5621.

• Catch Basin Water Testing – Water testing of the Automated Retractable Screens installed on catch basin inlets throughout the City began on November 14th and will continue through November 21 as needed. This testing involves the release of approximately 100 gallons of water at each catch basin that is tested. Water testing will start in low traffic areas and then move into areas requiring traffic control later in the second week.

• Planned Power Outage near West Los Angeles College – Southern California Edison has a planned power outage between the hours of 10 pm on Saturday, November 22 to 6 am on Sunday, November 23 that will impact West Los Angeles College, traffic signals at the intersection of Overland Avenue and Freshman Drive, and the residential neighborhood located southeast of this intersection. This work is required to complete ongoing maintenance of Edison facilities.

Edison has distributed written notification to West Los Angeles College and all affected residents. For more information, please visit or call (800) 759-6056 (Reference planned outage number, OAN #668139).

• Construction Update

1. Golden State Water will be saw-cutting the roadway for water main installations on Le Bourget Avenue from Culver Boulevard to Farragut Drive, and on Revere Place from Farragut Drive to Ballona Creek. Excavation to install pipe will take place if time permits before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

2. Southern California Edison will be replacing an underground vault on Overland Boulevard, east of Deshire Place.


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