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Sony Goes Green-er

Employees Can Charge Electric Cars While They Work


October 23, 2014

Courtesy Business Wire

NRG eVgo completes Largest Corporate Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Southern California, Sony Pictures Entertainment employees at three locations can charge their electric cars while they work

NRG eVgo, a subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc., has completed installation of the largest corporate deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Southern California.

eVgo has installed and will manage 60 charging stations at Sony Pictures Entertainment's historic Lot and its offices in Culver City in order to provide workplace charging for their employees with electric vehicles.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) elected to participate in the eVgo Ready for Electric Vehicle (REV) program. The REV program provides qualified workplaces with turn-key EV charging solutions, in addition to providing charger maintenance and driver support 24 hours a day.

The Level 2 chargers, dedicated for the use of individual employees, are compatible with all EVs, fully charge most during the workday and integrate seamlessly with eVgo's comprehensive network of home and on-the-go charging stations giving range confidence to EV drivers wherever they choose to charge.

"Working with SPE, an iconic brand in entertainment and technology, demonstrates that EV charging at work is no longer a novelty; it is a necessity for the best employers." said Terry O'Day, Vice President of NRG eVgo in California.

"As the largest corporate electric vehicle charging program in Southern California, SPE is joining the largest comprehensive EV charging network in the greater Los Angeles area. NRG eVgo stands ready to partner with other companies like SPE that are committed to making a difference for their employees, their community and our environment."

Beginning in 2008, SPE began offering eco-incentives to employees who choose to purchase a qualifying hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric or electric vehicle through its Alternative Vehicles Incentive program. To date, over 300 vehicles have been purchased through the program, with a daily average of 90 electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles parking at the studio's headquarters in Culver City.

"This charging infrastructure supports "Sony Pictures A Greener World" – the environmental initiative of the studio – by empowering employees to choose more eco-friendly ways of commuting.

Craig Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Global Facilities at SPE commented, "The studio is always looking for ways to empower our employees to be sustainable both at home and at work. Thanks in part to the Alternative Vehicles Eco-Incentive, demand for EV charging infrastructure was high and increasing. Our partnership with NRG eVgo has been critical in helping our employees choose these eco-friendly vehicles with the confidence of access to charging at work."

eVgo is building a comprehensive network of fast-charging sites in the U.S. conveniently located along major transportation corridors as well as the infrastructure to support charging at multi-family residences and workplaces.

The eVgo network is designed to support EV drivers whenever and wherever they choose to charge - at single family or apartment residences, at work, on the road, or even at the airport.

For more information about having EV charging installed at a corporate property, visit


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