Fiesta Zero Waste Is a Success


October 23, 2014

More and more folks are looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they are generating. This phenomenon is not only happening individually in Culver City homes and at the schools our children attend, but also in businesses and at large scale events were the community gathers for fun and enjoyment.

For the second year in a row Fiesta La Ballona set up a miniature Materials Recycling facility (MRF) to aid in diverting waste from landfill. The concept behind this MRF was to sort-out the mixed wastes (recyclables, compostable, and landfill).

Every effort was made to reach out to vendors and Fiesta participants to encourage them to recycle the waste generated and remind Fiesta goers what is recyclable vs. non-recyclable.

Additional bins and signage were available for Fiesta goers to separate and dispose of refuse and recycling to the best of their ability, additional sorting was done by volunteers to assure material was not contaminated and able to be diverted from landfill. Once the refuse and recycling were properly sorted, they were sent to a recycler for further processing from the Culver City Transfer Station.

Fiesta Committee Chair Randy Arizmendiz explained why Zero Waste and Fiesta La Ballona came together well by saying, “Fiesta La Ballona is an iconic celebration for Culver City. Each year the Fiesta embodies the spirit of Culver City and our community. As our community is becoming more environmentally conscious, so is the Fiesta. This makes it a very natural fit; it’s very exciting to witness this.”

The success of the Fiesta MRF was made possible with the leadership of the Fiesta Committee, the sustainability volunteers, Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations and the ZERO Waste Sponsor Haynes Building Services.

To learn how your Culver City group can provide a Zero Waste experience at your event or simply reduce the amount of waste generated contact Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations (310) 253-6411.

Fiesta Statistics

Friday Saturday Sunday

Recycling Tonnage: .06 .13 .76

Compostable Tonnage: .15 1.03 3.01


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