Culver Marina Crowned Champions of Northern California Softball Jamboree

The Culver Marina Little League showed no mercy when it took part in the

6th annual Urban Initiative Northern California Softball Jamboree in Stockton last month.

Not only did Culver Marina capture the Champions Trophy in the Northern California Jamboree but they also won all their games by the Mercy Rule.

The Mercy Rules states that a game ends when one teams leads by at least 10 runs after the fourth inning.

This year's tourney features four teams from Northern California plus Culver Marina, which is coached by Charles Brown and Candi Kakiuchi.

These two coaches started with one team in the and now the Culver Marina Little League (CMLL) has 4 of the best softball teams in CA District 25.

In their first game, Culver Marina had to face a scrappy team from Tahoe Tallac. The game started with CCLL Coi Brown striking out the side. Culver Marina then scored a fast 5 runs. CMLL pitcher Lailah Bell came in and also held Tahoe Tallac to no runs with 2 strikeouts. Culver Marina scored another 5 runs before Tahoe Tallac could muster an earned run and a run on an error. CMLL replied with 2 more runs and the game was called due to the Mercy Rule. Final score: 12-2.

In their second game, CMLL faced the undefeated Richmond Little League. Thanks to the masterful pitching of Coi Brown, Lailah Bell, and Evangelina "Bangie" Rosello, Culver Marina held the Richmond team to 0 runs, and only 2 hits the whole game. CMLL defense was awesome with short stop Janell Brown recording 4 put outs, and catchers Sam Johnson and Mariana Ledezma not allowing any stolen bases.

On the offensive side, Culver Marina hit the ball very well. First baseman Ryan Merriweather went 2 for 3 with a triple and double and 3 RBIs and second baseman Brook Francis went 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and a single and 3 RBIs. Centerfielders Anaiya Mitchell and Bridget Padilla both laid down 3 bunts and showcased their amazing speed. Third baseman Haley Veazie went 2 for 3 with a double and single and 3 RBIs. Michelle Franco, Kaila Mashita, and Breena Thompson all hit the ball and scored and had RBIs. With this performance, CMLL showed no mercy and the game was called in the 4th inning with Culver Marina leading 15-0.

As the only undefeated team, Culver Marina automatically qualified for the final and had to sit and watch the other 4 teams battle it out in the losers' bracket for a spot in the championship game. At the end of that day, Tahoe Tallac won their ticket to the final -- a rematch of Game 1.

In the championship game, Tahoe was ready for CMLL's fast offense and held them to 2 runs in the first inning. Coi Brown, Brook Francis, and Anaiya Mitchell were in the pitching mound for CMLL and only allowed 3 runs. But the bats for CMLL came alive and the clinic started with catcher Sam Johnson going for a solo homerun in her first and second at bats. Catcher Mariana Ledezma almost hit one over the fence but the scrappy centerfielder from Tahoe came down with a super catch. And with the rest of Culver Marina team putting on their hitting clinic, this game was called on mercy with the score being 14-3 in the fourth inning.

CMLL pitchers Coi, Lailah, Evangelina, Brook, and Anaiya were awesome, only allowing 5 runs scored in 12 innings of play.

The big bats of Ryan, Janell, Sam, Mariana, Breena, Kaila, Michelle, Haley, Bridget, Coi, Lailah, Evangelina, Anaiya, and Brook produced 41 runs in the tournament.


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