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School Bonds Pass in a Landslide

75% of Culver City Voters Give Nod to Measure CC


By Lynne Bronstein

Observer Reporter

Measure CC, Culver City’s bond measure that would provide funds for improvements to educational facilities, passed by a wide margin in the June 3 election.

The mail-in ballots showed a 76 per cent margin of “yes” even before official returns came in.

Later returns showed that 3,677 votes were cast in favor and 1,171 against the measure. Although these numbers are evidence of the uniformly low turnout all over Los Angeles County, they were enough to take Measure CC to victory.

The text of Measure CC grants that Culver City shall “upgrade and repair Culver City schools and support quality education with funding

that cannot be taken away by State government, …… improve classrooms, science labs, computers/learning technology, repair leaking roofs, old plumbing, inadequate electrical systems, and aging school buildings/restrooms, improve school safety, remove hazardous asbestos, make needed seismic repairs, and upgrade, construct, and acquire classrooms, school facilities, sites/equipment, by issuing $106,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with independent oversight and audits.”

The measure's enactment calls for taxpayers to pay $48 per $100,000 of assessed property valuation for the life of the bonds to pay off this debt. The bonds are to be issued in four installments.

A victory party for the measure was held at the home of Jerry and Janet Chabola. Jerry Chabola is the longtime athletic director of Culver City High School and both he and Janet are perennial speakers at School Boards meetings.

Board member Kathy Paspalis saluted the volunteers who had helped with the campaign for the measure: “All the organizations that had a hand in helping this pass; United Parents of Culver City, the Chamber of Commerce, were just tremendous in their support,” she said.

Board member Nancy Goldberg, contacted by The Observer the morning after the election, stated "Now, CCUSD can further plan and organize the needed improvements at each school site, so our schools will retain their reputation for safe, controlled environments. Culver City voters saw the environmental needs of our children and answered with their approval of Measure CC."

And Sue Robins noted “I am thrilled with the passage of Measure CC! The Culver City community has spoken with a resounding ‘Yes!”’ that they want our students to be learning in 21st century learning environments. I am so grateful to the campaign committee members who worked tirelessly to ensure the passage of this bond, it was a tremendous undertaking. I look forward to working with the leadership of the district, the other board members, the teachers, the classified staff, parents and the business and residential communities to make our schools high quality learning centers that prepare all of our students to move on seamlessly and successfully to their chosen path after high school. We must be vigilant and responsible stewards of the bond finances and I personally commit to carefully considering each project in order to maximize the positive impact of every dollar we spend on our students and community.”

Superintendent of School David LaRose explained that the funds would be used “to address our immediate summer projects, which includes a number of projects that were tied to the ‘reimbursement resolution’ passed by the board. These projects were dependent on the passage of CC and will allow us to use our current reserve to fund projects now and be reimbursed through the bond program at a later date. We have multiple projects that will be addressed throughout the district this summer.”

In other races pertaining to Culver City, Karen Bass led the field for the 37th Congressional District with 37,052 votes. The other Democratic candidate, Mervin Evans, garnered 2,859 votes while the Republican candidate R., Adam King received 6,600 votes.

For State Senator in the 30th District, Holly Mitchell led easily with 37,872 votes over fellow Democrat Isidro Armenta with 6,393 votes.

In the 54th Assembly District, Democrat Sebastian Ridley-Thomas received 27,011 votes, with Republican Glen Ratcliff receiving 7,565 votes.


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