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By Mike King
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Culver City Home Prices Average $1M In April

Condos and Town-homes Take a Breather


Single Family Homes

As the market rages on all over the country (Click here see Case Shiller index here) , the local real estate activity continues to amaze even the more experienced realtors among us. For the first time ever, Culver City Home Prices averaged $1M in April. This number was helped by one sale at $2M on Mentone Ave, but this lofty level of pricing will clearly become the norm here shortly. For a more in depth look at the causes and effects of local market, take a look at the video.

Condominiums and Town-homes

The recent surge in this segment of the Culver City real estate market took a breather in April as prices halted their march northwards. However, there doesn't appear to be any signs that would indicate a fundamental change in price direction. In all likelihood, we will resume the trend upwards. As long as single family home prices rocket ahead, many buyers will be faced with the choice of maxing out on their home buying budgets or look to a town-home or condo as an alternative to stay in Culver City.


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