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These are Sandra's Dreams


Life is a story and you are the main character. Your first chapters will help for the next times we must write and live.)

Time is running out and the world is getting smaller, but there is enough time to make the world a better place by uniting ourselves as one, working together as one, one people, one voice.

I have a dream that every human being will greatly value himself and herself, not with arrogance but with a self-respect that will engender valuing and respecting every other human being.

That is my dream, for someday for every kid to feel love.

Everyone should have the chance to have a good education. Great education.

I have a dream that people in other countries will not be tortured because of their religion or what they have said.

I have a dream that no one will ever harm a defenseless child or animal, and that everyone will come to the aid of any child or animal that is in danger.

The children of our nation should not have to worry about being taken from their families and never seeing the ones they love again.

I want my friends, my family, and me to walk on the streets carefree of problems and troubles. I have a dream.

I have a dream that the poor and the homeless deserted on an island will be rescued and will join everyone else in the thriving city.

Poverty is the empty bowls of the nation.

There is no drive to success. Success is not something that comes easily because that is not true success.

When you glance back in history, there are no famous tales about homelessness because the wealthy Americans try to forget about the struggle that others are currently going through

I have a dream to stop poverty.

I have a dream that every animal will be free, free from animal abuse, free from being forced to fight to the death.

By abusive acts you are only cheating yourself.

Rhino horns are made of the same material as our fingernails

If this goes on, there will no longer be any more of these animals, and they will be but a memory.)

We have shot the flares, warning the peoples of these serious problems, but the powers that be still do not respond

“Hey, things are tough all over.” “Look, that’s just the way it is.” “I’ve got too much on my plate to get involved.” “I am just one person.” “Listen, I’ve got plenty of my own troubles.” Sound familiar? We need to change the dialogue.

Think from a different perspective. How will you feel and what will you do?

What will it take?

We often think and ponder about how to solve these grave and serious problems which affect so many – yet no one knows where or how to begin.

Life is precious, and it can’t be wasted.

We have a dream that each and every person will greatly value all life, his own and that of others, and that each individual will strive to enhance the quality of life on earth.

A dream where we may walk on the streets carefree of problems and troubles.

We have dreams that may be crushed or helped, but we know that the story of life will move on for all that wish to live. So everyone will live to say that I wrote my story.

We have dreams. What will it take?

A leader should think progressively, be proactive, and open to new ideas.

A leader must voice their ideas.

Be bold to stand up for what they believe.

Be determined to reach their goals.

Be keen on making the world better.

Be humble.

A leader teaches us what we have to learn and helps us to see what the problems are.

A leader must have an unbreakable spirit,

Be willing to spend the time and effort,

Be open-minded to new ways of thinking,

Failure is just a speed bump, so slow down, study the terrain, and try again.

That’s what it will take.

We have Dreams.


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