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February 27, 2014

Culver City Police Chief Don Pedersen

Culver City Police Chief Don Pedersen released an overview of crime and performance statistics for 2013.

The department released the follow statistics and comments:

Calls For Service/Response Time: In 2013 there was a 16% increase in the number of times the community called upon The culver city Police Department for service compared to 2012.

2012 2013

31, 505 36,606

Although the number of calls for service increased in 2013, our response time decreased slightly and remains outstanding. In 2013, average response time to emergency calls was 3:21 minutes; down from 3:26 minutes in 2012. With regards to non-emergency calls, response time in 2013 was 4:41 minutes; down from 4:51 in 2012.

Violent Crime: A violent crime is defined as murder, robbery, aggravated assault and arson. In 2013 there was a 30% reduction in violent crime compared to 2012.

Property Crime/Overall Crime: Property crimes; which include burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft, experienced a slight decrease, and overall crime in culver city was down by over 4%.

Case Clearance: A case is "cleared" when charges are filed or the case is otherwise solved. In 2013, culver city Police investigations resulted in a clearance rate of 46%. The 46% clearance rate achieved in 2013 is an increase over the 2012 clearance rate by 9%.

The chief singled out the departments working relationship with the news media and related organization stating, "We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Community Partners in the joint effort to impact crime. Due to our combined efforts and developing a positive working relationship, we experienced a decrease in for the year, 2013. We have also developed and enjoyed a partnership with the local media. This partnership has helped us identify suspects and has kept the community informed regarding public safety issues."

For questions regarding this report please contact Lieutenant Allen Azran at (310) 253-6258


Reader Comments

disbloghandle writes:

Drops? Well you better brace yourselves for an upward spike in juvenile crime. According to Mindy Page, lawyer, probably works out of her garage I don't know, swears that since the ice arena has shut down we can expect so many good kids with way too much time to start doing bad things and get caught. It'll be Babylon! It will be Gotham! Oh no! What EVER shall we do? Stupid ice rink.


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