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Chamber Backs City's Efforts for Future Use of Ice Rink


February 20, 2014

The following is a press release issued by the Culver City Chamber:

While the closure of the Culver City Ice Arena has been a polarizing and emotional issue for many in the city, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce supports the on-going efforts of the City to bring all the parties to the table and making the site safe.

"At its core, we all recognize that this is a negotiation between two private parties - the property owner and his tenant," said Chamber President and CEO Steven J. Rose. "But we also recognize that the City has an obligation to ensure the safety of the site."

Rose added that the primary goal should be to conduct a facility assessment that evaluates adherence to the fire code and assures that care is taken to properly dispose of any hazardous materials to protect public health and safety.

While the Chamber recognizes the interest from the public in another tenant who could operate the site as an ice rink, it also recognizes that Planet Granite has executed a lease agreement with the property owner.

"We encourage the City Council to provide Planet Granite with the same rights any tenant would receive should the owner and climbing gym decide to move forward with the required zone change application for the site," Rose said. "As much as patrons may want to save the Culver City Ice Arena, these are business decisions being made by private entities. While the City can help bring parties together to achieve various results, should a particular tenant choose to move forward, that business should be treated like any other."


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Usnavi writes:

Wrong answer. I bet they wish they had waited another 24 hours before releasing this press release!


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