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House Is Built in A Day in Culver City


January 16, 2014

Second floor module being put into place

USModular Home Builders was in Culver City recently to assemble a two- story home with 1,800 square feet of living space.

The home was built in four modules, three on the first floor and one on the second floor and includes three bedrooms, three baths, a two- car garage and a second floor deck. The site went from a foundation to a two- story home in less than one day.

Finishing the trim and connecting all the electric and plumbing to the street will take another 30 days. Finishes on the home include walnut flooring, GE Energy Star Stainless Steel Appliance Package, granite countertops and a tankless water heater.

This home, while seeming to magically appear in one day in Culver City, was actually built to the same building codes and standards as traditional site-built homes, but inside of a building center with state of the art equipment and green techniques and materials.

Home module sliding into the connecting module

This method of constructing a home requires up to 30% more wood to enhance structural integrity and it arrived on site with windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, flooring, fixtures, appliances and roofing all having been installed at the building center.

USModular Home Builders prides itself on being the newest, greenest construction technology on the market--Off-Site, or Modular Construction. Off-Site Construction is fast and efficient because it utilizes skilled craftsman in a controlled environment; working together on an assembly line to build a home.

Henry Ford realized it was much more efficient to sequentially assemble a car on an assembly line. Home builders are now realizing that the production line model is a more efficient, greener method to build a home as well.


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