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Dear Editor


November 28, 2013

It was with great sorrow that I discovered the recent campaign literature sent out to torpedo assembly candidate Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and paint him as nothing more than the product of nepotism.

While my optimism still pines for the possibility that this was some momentary misstep in moral judgment on the part of Mr. Armenta, I find myself obliged to write today to clarify this misconception.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is not just a tireless candidate seemingly everywhere at once, but he is also a seasoned advocate for our area with years of experience working on the state and local level to find solutions to our transportation and housing issues. He comports himself with the highest degree of integrity and competency. More than that, he listens and he cares about our problems.

Mr. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas will bring pedigree to this office, just not the kind that Mr. Armenta insinuated in his daft literature. Rather, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas brings the skills, insight, and experience that can only be garnered through years of industry and enterprise.

In other words, he brings the chops to provide everything my family needs from an elected official.

Odysseus Bostick

Culver City


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