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Despite Glitches Mitchell Enrolls For Obamacare


November 7, 2013

Despite massive failures in the enrollment process of the Affordable Care Act also known as "Obamacare," Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee promised residents a California portal that will work.

Lee was on hand to pitch newly available healthcare coverage, Sen. Holly J. Mitchell's "Obamacare Comes to You Workshop" which drew nearly 200 people to Trinity Baptist Church on November 2..

Promising that, regardless of ongoing glitches with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) website, enrollment through Covered CA's website and outreach partners is both working and worthwhile for many uninsured Californians, Lee took questions from a skeptical crowd about the health benefits available under ACA.

"Access to health care for millions of the uninsured becomes available January 1st for those who enroll now," said Senator Mitchell who, as chair of the Assembly's Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, initiated hearings more than a year ago to begin to ready the state's health care system to absorb new eligibles.

"We've expanded MediCal, commissioned Covered California to offer new options for care and mandated that insurance companies provide basic preventive and treatment benefits. Now it's time for those who need health care to step forth and claim it, especially families with children."

Mitchell posed further questions from the audience to a panel of experts who explained eligibility, coverage and costs. She offered attendees counseling and onsite enrollment.

"Peter Lee came and talked frankly today," said Mitchell, whose district includes much of South Los Angeles." But can he and his team walk their talk? Enrollment is the key."

Sen. Mitchell and SEIU-ULTCW are partnering to open a Covered CA enrollment kiosk and satellite office in the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Mall on November 20.


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