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Bodega Bay – a Healing Place


October 24, 2013

Since spring is the time of year the iconic Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds, was filmed in Bodega Bay, it’s a good time to explore this rather lost in time spot.

Actually, anytime is a good time to explore this healing place.

When our travel public relations expert pal, Linda recommended Bodega Bay as an off the beaten track getaway a while back, we jumped at the chance to try a venue others hadn’t written back to back reviews and stories about, and--as usual, Linda was correct.

Located on the Sonoma County coast, and easily accessed, I found Bodega Bay to be a healing place. We were there on a weekend when the weather was neither here nor there, not quite sunny and not quite bleak-just brooding. I can only describe it as atmospheric healing.

Actually, I found Bodega Bay itself to be such a healing place I recommend it to friends and family who are stressed, or recovering from any physical or emotional trauma. The quiet fragrance of the sea air, and the ruggedness of the coastline give a calm and relaxing aura to the panorama of the sea and bluffs.

Bodega Bay, for me, has the look and feel of the Scottish Moors. And, corny as it sounds, I did indeed find myself unconsciously listening for the sound of Kathy, from Wuthering Heights, soulfully calling out for Heathcliff. At one point, I shouted out for him myself, but alas, only the sea birds answered my call. Perhaps I should have used my cell phone instead.

Bodega Bay is a tad different from seaside places like Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Monterey because it is less touristy, the views of the sea are calmer, which adds to its extremely relaxing ambiance-and even the soft fragrance of the clear air contributes to its “oohm-like” look and feel.

Bodega Bay, a place to wind down, rev-up, and get back to nature without roughing it.


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