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Sexual Assault Suspect Apprehended


October 24, 2013

Less than 48 hours after a woman was sexually assaulted after leaving the Metro Expo Line Station at Jefferson and La Cienega a suspect was taken into custody by culver city police detectives.

The sexual assault occurred in culver city. On October 9 a 31-year-old female was riding on the Expo line from Downtown Los Angeles to the Jefferson / La Cienega Station in Los Angeles. When she exited the train the suspect, who was also on the train, followed her behind her closely.

The suspect followed victim a short distance into culver city where the suspect committed the sexual assault on the sidewalk at National Blvd and Eastham Drive.

Pictures of the suspect were captured by cameras on the train and on the platform at the station. CCPD released the pictures to the media which were broadcast on the television news and made available online.

On Thursday at 7 pm culver city detectives received information regarding the identity of the sexual suspect. Detectives located the suspect and arrested a male juvenile who resides in the City of Los Angeles.

The suspect was later transported to Central Juvenile Hall.

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Reader Comments

labrkdwn writes:

Much of the area on and near Jefferson Boulevard west of the La Cienega Expo station is without sidewalks, deserted and dimly lighted. The Expo line puts us in harm's way whenever we are forced to walk from the La Cienega station stop toward Culver City, but it's a particulary scary experience at night. Top notch security devices on the train and platform are no deterent to crimes committed against persons walking home from the station. Great police work, but terrible planning with rare bus #4.


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