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The Sin of Arrogance & Ignorance


April 19, 2013

Sports Columnist

These days, while the entire city is busy with concern over the causes and consequences of Kobe Bryant's injury and his torn Achilles (which tore the hearts of his fans), I wonder over one question--- What are the real priorities that this organization operates from?

Could it really be that the decision makers of the Lakers put more importance on financial gain than on the well-being of their players?

It is a known fact that accidents don't just happen. Accidents and catastrophes such as this are a result of the absence of clear boundaries. And who else, but the strongest nation in the world, should know that "policy" is the key word here.

Please allow me to say that what I see here is ignorance in the medical team, the arrogance of the player, the lack of efficient care, and an atrocious neglect of the organization toward its players.

Ironically, as we said, the original Achilles was also arrogant, and started to believe he was like a god. Pride like this, the foolish type of pride, always goes before a fall.

With all due respect to Bryant's charismatic personality, which does not give up easily, there has to be someone in the system who will set a boundaries and take him off the court the first time he goes down, and, absolutely, not allow him to continue playing no matter what may be the consequences of that game or that season.

I remind you that he went down three times in that game until he finally stepped off the court with a torn Achilles.

I am not talking about the authority of the coach or the determination of a doctor, I am talking about one simple thing, the care of and responsibility to the well-being of the precious players.

The point is not to bring in the best medical team in the world; the point is to place a high-quality system of preventative medical care that will be available to the players, to provide them with the best techniques to prevent injuries.

One example of such technique is Aqua-Therapy, which is scientifically proven to reduce pressure of the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. A classic example of a player who practices on a regular basis in the water is Tim Duncan.

With my deepest regret, I point the blame of this misfortune on Kobe Bryant's arrogance, and on the ignorance of the system he is in which discourages the water for a different form of training.

I truly hope the decision-makers will take this event into consideration and come up with the resolve to invest more in preventative medical care such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, yoga and chi gong which are practices and methods that are thousands of years old and have proven themselves in their efficiency in making the body strong and flexible.

It is time to humbly discard the old-school thought of a system which does not serve its purpose any longer. Let us open up to new and innovative thinking and higher ideas which will assure the well being of their players both on and off the court.


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