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By Stephen Hadland
Observer Publisher 

Culver Gives Demos Big Win Margin


November 21, 2012

While President Obama eked out a popular margin win over his Republican opponent Mitt Romney with 50.6 percent of the vote, culver city went decisively for the President, taking 77 percent of the vote here.

While California sent Diane Feinstein back to the United States Senate with 62 percent of the vote, she was even more popular in culver city, garnering over 78 percent locally.

culver city voted largely with the rest of the state on the propositions except in a few key areas.

Proposition 34, which would have revoked the death penalty in the state, was defeated as it received almost 48 percent while Culverites approved the measure with almost 64 percent in favor.

Proposition 37, which dealt with labeling of genetically engineered food, went down to defeat garnering 48 percent statewide, however the measure received almost a 60 percent yes vote.

Locally Metro’s Measure J, which would have extended the sales tax increase which was set to expire in 30 years out to 60 years, needed a 2/3 vote to pass but fell short. It received 65.3 percent of the vote countywide while garnering 71 percent in culver city.

While voter turnout was considerably lower than in 2008, 60 percent of Culver City’s voters turned out to vote on Election Day.


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