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October 31, 2012

As a culver city resident for 50 plus years, I can attest to the community benefits of our remarkably well-run local government. I acknowledge the present traumatic effects of our national economic recession and its threat to the maintenance of our comfortable, local existence.

Without the passage of Proposition Y, which would add a minimal increase to our local retail tax base, the continuance of present services will the threatened. Our locally elected councilmen cannot avoid further cuts to local services if Proposition Y does not pass.

Please join me in voting for Proposition Y; you will be ensuring the continuance of present city services such as garbage collection and emergency response by the fire and police departments.

As a member of the your school board, I view this proposition’s passage as essential to the continued functioning of our local government. The adage “Penny wise and pound foolish “ comes to mind in this case.

For such a moderate tax increase, let’s ensure our continued level of community service.

Nancy Goldberg

CCUSD Board Member


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