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City Council Tactics Are Shameful


October 31, 2012

In 1978 Proposition 13 was on the ballot to reduce property taxes so the elderly and people on fixed incomes would not lose their homes, Californians were told the passage of Prop 13 would mean our homes would “burn to the ground” before the fire department arrived.

Well guess what….no one’s home ever burned to the ground.

If Measure Y fails to pass next week life will go on. Police and Fire personnel will still respond to your emergencies. city hall will still be there to take your tax payments whether you are in individual homeowner or business owner.

The council has threatened all of us with loss of services, longer response times to emergencies and have even stooped so low to threaten the cancellation of the Fiesta La Ballona after 60 years.

Fiesta La Ballona brings in enough money to pay its own expenses and all the city has to contribute is staff time.

Shame on the council members.

While the action of the Governor in eliminating the redevelopment agency has accelerated financial loses in the city, the real story is the council has failed to address the bleeding at city hall for several years by dipping into the reserves.

Each and every councilmember who sit on the dais is distinguished, intelligent and knows better.

Councilmember’s, should measure Y pass do not come back to use crying for more money when you figure out that the tax increase does not solve the problems at city hall.

Councilmember’s, should Measure Y fail do not blame the voters. We expect you to go back to work and do your job.


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