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By Mitch Chortkoff
Sports Editor 

Season Could Start Without Laker TV


October 24, 2012

After all Laker exhibition games didn’t become available on Laker-sponsored television, more of the same looks likely as the regular season begins.

The Lakers’ season opener Tuesday night against the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center will be nationally televised on TBS, which is available on most local cable outlets. But starting with the next night’s game at Portland fans who used to watch on Channel 9 will be shut out.

Time Warner owns the new station that will televise the majority of Laker games this season, both home and away. It is anticipated that Time Warner will make deals with other providers, but negotiations co0ntinue to drag.

When a Time Warner commercial was shown on the Staples Center message board during two Laker exhibition games boos were heard from the majority of the sellout crowds.

Time Warner and the other providers are haggling over the price. But what will happen if the Clippers have a better team than the Lakers this season? Clipper games are available to most local cable subscribers. Will the Lakers and Time Warner be humiliated?.

And will fans now disgruntled with Time Warner also become angry with the Lakers for going into a partnership that deprives them of seeing the games?

Stay tuned for developments if deals with other providers aren’t made soon.


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