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By Stephen Hadland
Observer Publisher 

Unions Fund Tax Increase Measure


October 10, 2012

With jobs and salaries on the line it came as no surprise that Culver City’s municipal unions have made sizable donations to the culver city sales tax increase known as Measure Y.

The committee, known as the Committee to Save Our Services; Yes on Measure Y, had received $6,769.95 in contributions as of September 30.

The largest contribution was from the culver city Employees’ Association Political Action Committee (PAC), which donated $1000, followed by the culver city Firefighters for Quality Government with $500.

Mayor Andy Weissman and Councilmember Jim Clarke campaign funds each contributed $500. Former School Board member Marla Wolkowitz was also a $500 contributor as did attorney Kenneth Kutcher and Diane Hauptman. All Yellow Taxi, $200; Honorable Antonio Barreto Jr, Barbara Brody, Kathleen McCann, Safford Weiner, Former School Board Member Scott Zeidman, $100 each.

Interestingly the culver city Chamber of Commerce, which gave a lukewarm endorsement of the tax increase, was not listed as a donor. The Chamber has its own PAC and has donated to candidates and causes recently. When asked the chamber stated that no board member of the PAC had requested a meeting to discuss and vote on the issue.

If passed, Measure Y would increase the sales tax in culver city by ½ percent. Should the Governor’s ¼ sales tax increase pass in November it would put the culver city sales tax rate at 9.50%.


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