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Metro Board Approves Measure J On ballot


October 10, 2012

The Metro Board of Directors has authorized placing Measure J on the November ballot.

If approved, Measure J will extend for 30 additional years the existing one-half cent sales tax that was approved in 2008 and is currently set to expire in 2039 (Measure R). The additional funds will be used to secure bonds, which will allow Metro to accelerate construction of transportation improvements.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation reports that the projects accelerated by Measure J will advance the creation of 250,000 new local jobs (direct, indirect and induced workers) by starting construction on seven rail and rapid transit projects and up to eight highway projects within the next five years, instead of the 20 years currently planned.

Measure J will also provide an additional 30 years of continued funding for local city transportation improvements, countywide bus and rail operations, Metrolink and Metro Rail Capital improvements and administration.

Under Measure R, there is an annual independent audit and report to taxpayers, and ongoing monitoring and review of spending by the independent taxpayer oversight committee. This oversight will continue with Measure J.

To view the full text of Measure J or download an electronic copy of the Measure J fact sheet in English or Spanish, please visit:


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