Tito's Reopens After Crash


February 9, 2011

The ever popular Tito’s Tacos reopened Tuesday morning after a near tragic crash on Saturday afternoon.

An elderly female driver, Marie Stathus, accidently put her car in reverse and hit the gas pedal. She crashed into the wall at Tito’s at such a high rate of speed she knocked a large hole in the wall and moved giant refrigerators across the floor. The refrigerators stopped the vehicle saving approximately 40 employees and over 300 customers from being injured.

Repair crews along with city inspectors worked tirelessly to help get the popular eatery back open.

The biggest loss however appears to be in lost business on Super bowl Sunday, one of the biggest days for Tito’s.

Wirt Morton, husband of Tito’s owner Lynne Davidson, said patrons drove in from neighboring counties only to be turned away on Sunday, “We even had one guy who was from Idaho.” Morton later explained that the patron was staying at is son’s house in Huntington Beach.

Davidson and Morton posted themselves in front of the restaurant on Sunday to explain the closure to customers.


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