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Brits Questionnaire" "When Will You Die"


By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

On July 27 in Louisville, KY ex-POWs of the Korean War will gather for their 61st and probably final reunion commemorating the armistice which paved the way for their release. Visit Do you realize there are 7,861 United States military personnel still unaccounted for?

I was looking through one of my five four-drawer filing cabinets recently when I came across a letter dated May 24, 2005 from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in Exposition Park regarding the Congressman Julian Dixon Institute. More on this to come.

Sounds like the El Segundo Rotary Club will sponsor a great event: Movie in the Park will be on Sat., Aug. 2 at 4 p.m. Enjoy a giant movie screen, entertainment, train rides, Moon Bounce, face painting, food and drinks. Check out and go to Chevron Park, corner of El Segundo and Sepulveda.

If you are a senior with a home and need additional income, why not consider an older roommate? Affordable Living for the Aging is a Los Angeles County nonprofit that matches roommates.

I hope our new mayor, the Honorable Megan Sahli-Wells, will have the city or an ad hoc committee investigate the plight of our renters. It would be limited in scope and with a life of 120 days. The facts could assist a group that’s in dire straits.

Were you in Sacramento 44 years ago when Governor Ronald Reagan signed the first law in our great nation making it legal to create a program that authorized the training and use of firemen to function as paramedics in the pre-hospital care of emergency patients? Walter Graf was sent to the State Capitol by Supervisor Kenny Hahn to assist State Senator Wedworth (D – Hawthorne) in writing the bill that Reagan signed on July 15, 1970. For 16 years Walter Graf taught over 1,400 paramedics at Daniel Freeman Hospital on Prairie Ave. in Inglewood.

And from England, British retirees will soon receive a questionnaire from London asking about their medical history. The government will use the data to project when these oldsters will die. This is to start in 2015. Nice, real nice.

Well, friends, I have a bit of bad news about our neighbors. And I know all of us will put a little extra into the offering this week and every week thereafter, at least until Jan. 1, 2016.

Brace yourself. In 2002 those “poor” folks in Beverly Hills had unfunded liabilities of a mere $2 million. That’s correct. In the land of Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Blvd., etc. they owed their employee pension plan only $2 million. Today, a dozen years later, that $2 million, like rabbits, has multiplied and multiplied and now it’s $126 million just for the citizens of Beverly Hills.

Continuing, in 2012 California Public Retirement Employees System (CalPERS) posted a 1% return on its investments, thus growing its debt by about $15 billion.

Please check your children’s student loan documents!!! Some are written that when a parent or grandparent co-signs, the student must immediately pay the loan in full if the relative dies. Although this pertains mainly to private loans rather than federal, it does not hurt to check.

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