Redflex Woes Grow


June 26, 2014

According to the Chicago Tribune the former head of Chicago's red light camera program was arrested last on May 14, less than 48 hours after the Culver City Council approved a new contract with Redflex, the company accused of pay $2 million in bribes to Chicago City Officials.

The former head of the program John Bills allegedly “coached” Redflex officials in a series of meetings which created the largest program of its kind in the country. Bills is accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash spent on a vacation home, a boat and a Mercedes convertible, along with dozens of trips and a condominium near the company's Arizona headquarters according to federal authorities.

According to the Tribune fired Redflex Executive Vice President Aaron Rosenberg, accused Redflex of doling out bribes and gifts at “dozens of municipalities” in 14 states and said he was made a “scapegoat” to cover up the long-standing practice after the Tribune began asking questions about the Chicago contract.

During the Culver City Council meeting city staff told councilmember the Redflex corruption charges had nothing to do with Culver City. The council passed the new contract unanimously without further question of city staff on the corruption issue.


Reader Comments

DiegoHenry writes:

Many California red light cam tickets can be beat: 1. Check to see if it is a Snitch Ticket, the fake/phishing tickets cops send out to bluff car owners into IDing the actual driver. Snitch Tickets say, at the top, Courtesy Notice-This is not a ticket, and you can ignore them! Search: Snitch Ticket. 2. REAL camera tickets from ANY city (or sheriff) in LA County can be ignored, as the LA courts do not report ignored camera tickets to the DMV. Search: red light camera no consequence.


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