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Youth Health Center Claims Banner Year


The youth health center reports that this year has brought an extraordinary amount of positive attention to the Culver City Youth Health Center which was recently renamed, and to those who make it possible for our middle and high school students to receive free physical and mental health care. The Center opened in 1986 due in great part to the efforts of the school nurse at the time, Sandy Segal, who saw the need for increased health care services in the district. She was instrumental in the formation of the fundraising arm of the Center named Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center in 1988. For over 40 years Sandy cared for our students’ physical and emotional needs as the nurse at the Middle and High School, and continues to volunteer her services today.

On April 22nd the Health Center was renamed the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center with a dedication ceremony on the lawn in front of the Center. Representatives from the Venice Family Clinic which operates the facility, and the L.A. Child Development Center, which provides mental health services, were among many guests who thanked Sandy and spoke about the extraordinary devotion she has given to our students. Her family, through the Resnick Family Foundation, has made a sizeable donation to enable the staff to continue the outstanding work they do to keep our children healthy.

The new President of the Friends group is Dr. Sarah Carpenter who started volunteering at the Health Center in 1993. Now retired, she continues to provide services at the Center and is more involved in fundraising efforts. For her ongoing dedication to our students she was presented with a Continuing Service Award by Culver City Council PTA. This honor is in addition to the Halo Award she received along with the Venice Family Clinic earlier this year presented by The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation which “celebrates everyday angels.”

At the recent Culver City Education Foundation Tribute to the Stars event, Dr. Carpenter, as President of the Friends group, and the Venice Family Clinic were given the Belkin Superintendent’s Award for providing free health care to the youth of our community.

At the same event Diana Hauptman, co-president emeritus of the Friends, was the recipient of the Paula and Tom Wilson Shining Star Award for 2014, which recognizes past CCEF trustees who continue to be involved in our community and schools. She has been a member of the Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center Board for 22 years, serving as co-president along with Andy Alexander for many years. Diana has also been active at Temple Akiba and the Education Foundation.

The Health Center is located on the campus of the Middle School and High School and has served thousands of students for almost 30 years. This would not have been possible without the many dedicated volunteers that spend so much of their time and energy to help our children. Sandy Segal, Dr. Sarah Carpenter, and Diana Hauptman are three wonderful women who this year have received the recognition they so well deserve.

For information about the Health Center visit the website or call (310) 842-4328.


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