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Dear Editor


While I usually vote against anything that increases my taxes, I'm voting FOR Measure CC. It's a NECESSARY bond measure to ensure our Culver City schools don't fall into disrepair. I've witnessed firsthand dangerous electrical issues, asbestos issues, seismic problems, rain falling into classrooms, puddles that don't go away, rusty water coming out of drinking fountains, ceiling tiles falling down during class, a library with rain damage to paneling from 5 years ago that has not been repaired at the high school and middle school. With cut janitorial staff and decreased facilities staff that happened 10 years ago our schools have sadly done more with less and continue to decline in facilities repairs. The repair list is huge. State funding has been cut as well. Our kids have one of the worst districts in facilities compared with neighboring school districts. Our infrastructure and technology needs are huge. I've been a parent with girls in the schools for 12 years. I've fundraised with PTA and Booster clubs over $650,000 in the last 12 years to try and help out. The Board of Education and district has cut costs and staff, Principals have cut programs and economized. There are no more resources to tap. We need Measure CC. Please vote YES!

Bonnie Wacker

Culver City


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